Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso Movie Music

by Mikayla Samonte

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The Bygone Days from Porco Rosso

Soundtrack History

The Porco Rosso Soundtrack is an album released on Jul 25, 1992. It has 23 tracks. Joe Hisaishi composed the music. This is also the first Ghibli film where the voice actor of the protagonist also sings the theme song.

Porco Sleeping

My Favorite Pieces of the Soundtrack

Number Title Length
3 Addio! 0:37
4 Bygone Days 2:16
5 A Picture in Sepia 0:47
7 Flying Boatman 2:36
10 Fio-Seventeen 2:04
12 Friend 3:04
13 Partnership 2:38
15 In Search of the Distant Era 2:18
Porco fixing plane with fio Gina's garden Ladies fixing the plane Porco's plane Porco eating with Gina Porco sitting at a table and Fio standing

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