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The Tale of Princess Kaguya Movie Music

by Mikayla Samonte

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Distant Time English Translation (the song above)

Go round come round distant time
come round oh distant time
come round call back the heart
come round call back the heart
bird, bugs, bees, grass, flowers, and trees
teach people how to feel
if i hear that you pine for me
I will want to return to you
I will want to return to you

Kaguya returning to the moon

Soundtrack History

Credits: The Pixels "The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013)
This movie's soundtrack was the first time Joe Hisaishi composed the score for a Takahata film. Some have noted that this score sounds more Japanese than his previous scores. The whimsy sound Hisaishi creates is shown in the high, playful flute of Kaguya's childhood melody. The score also brings beauty, warmth and happiness to the country life, although a hard and rugged life. This helps the listener believe that the princess really wanted to stay there before being forced to move to the city. Remnants of the melody from her folk song go throughout many of the later tracks, even after the woodland has been long gone. However, most of the soundtrack is mournful and full of regret, used in the film to change the mood. Such as when Kaguya dances under the cherry trees before the reminder that she is no longer a commoner.

My Favorite Pieces of the Soundtrack

Number Title Length
8 Mountain Hamlet 1:53
11 Autumn Harvest 0:39
22 Devotion 1:28
30 The Procession of Celestial Beings I 2:28
34 When I Remember This Life 5:42
35 Koto Melody 0:57
37 Song of the Heavenly Maiden 1:34
Kaguya and Sutemaru Kaguya's Parents Kaguya looking at the petals Kaguya dancing with the petals gif Kaguya looking back at the Earth Kaguya looking down

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