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Howl's Moving Castle Movie Music

by Mikayla Samonte

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Soundtrack History

Joe Hisaishi composed the score for Howl's moving castle, which he conducted and performed with the New Japan Philharmonic. The CD soundtrack was released by Tokuma Japan Communications on November 19. 2004. Hisaishi and Youmi Kimura also composed the Howl's Moving Castle CD Maxi-single, published on October 27, 2004 which has the theme song sung by Chieko Baisho (Sophie's Japanese voice actor), the karaoke version, and a piano version, the song being titled "The Merry-Go-Round of Life."

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My Favorite Pieces of the Soundtrack

Number Title Length
3 A Walk in the Skies 2:14
6 Sophie in Exile 4:19
7 The Magic Door 5:27
16 The Secret Cave 2:33
18 The Flower Garden 2:58
25 The Boy Who Swallowed A Star 7:29
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