Chicago Rat Festival
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Chicago Rat Festival

Celebrating our 30th Year of being the worst city

Our available ticket packages

Just like everything in this city, our ticket prices are overpriced just so we can gouge your wallet even more so you cant make rent. But you shouldnt worry about making rent. you'll love the rats you'll meet! both in the festival and on the street! Surrender your cheddar to the Rats.

Ticket Special!

The Biggie Cheese Ticket

Biggie Cheese

This February
Biggie Cheese

We are happy to announce that Biggie Cheese will be proforming at the Chicago Rat festival this February. To go see this legend in person, you will need to buy a ticket to his show for 200 USD. A small price to pay for a rat this big!

Learn more about Biggie.  His newest music video.

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