Chicago Rat Festival
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Chicago Rat Festival

Celebrating our 30th Year of being the worst city

Our Rats

Its not a festival if we dont have our rats. Thats just a no brainer! We have many rats of all shapes and sizes. Each ticket you buy will have a portion of the total cost be donated to the guest rat of the month that you visit. And of course none of the money will go to fixing our broken and horrible city, that is the Chicago Guarantee! The charity this mouth is APOPO, a charity using brave rats to go find landmines and unexploded bombs in places where war has left its toll. These rats help sniff out these bombs and deactivate them. Fat Rat, being an Ex-Bomb sniffer rat, knows how important it is for these rats to get funding.

“Its a dangerous life when you work for Apopo, but its important that the job gets done. For the safety of everyone who encounters these bombs.”- Fat rat