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Titans Background

Titans have long honed the Light of the Traveler, passing these skills to each new generation of warrior. Their strength gave birth to the City, and they have taken a blood oath to ensure it will always stand strong. The Wall surrounding the City was built by the first Titans, who also perished defending it. Steadfast and suresighted, Titans face any challenge head-on, serving as living, blunt force instruments of the Traveler's will.

Our Leader



Portrait of Zavala

While the City was preparing for an assault by the combined forces of all the Fallen houses, tensions between the Speaker and Vanguard Commander Osiris reached a breaking point. Zavala, having recently become the Titan Vanguard by replacing Saint-14, attended a meeting of the Consensus without Osiris present. When the New Monarchy representative protested that Osiris was absent, Zavala announced that Ikora would be filling in for Osiris. The Speaker asked her to formally become the new Warlock Vanguard, which she accepted. The Speaker then proclaimed that he was exiling Osiris from the Last City and thus named Zavala as the new Vanguard Commander in place of the troublesome Warlock.
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