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Hunters Background

Through manipulation of the Traveler's energies, Hunters learned how to survive in the wild, assassinate their prey, and reclaim lost secrets of the Golden Age. They are daring scouts and stealthy killers, experts with knives and precision weapons. Hunters blaze their own trails and write their own laws. Though some fear them as being dangerous, their bravery has saved many lives and led to many discoveries dating back to the Golden Age.

Our Leader

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Formerly Cayde-6

Portrait of Zavala

Cayde used to be a human soldier with a large debt over his head, when he was approached by Clovis Bray to have his debt removed. The job offer itself isn't explicitly stated, but what Cayde remembers next is coming to Europa where he was converted into an Exo. Upon becoming an Exo, Cayde spent some amount of time in the Eventide colony on Europa, at one point coming across Micah Abram as the boy tried to sneak into Bray Exoscience; Cayde had flashbacks of the encounter even after his five subsequent resets. Cayde witnessed the Collapse, remembering being restrained by a shadowy creature on a destroyed world.
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