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Making Glitter Potions for FUN!

What We're About

Why make weird bottles with liquid and glitter in them? Well, the first answer is purely for fun. The second answer is because of the joy of making. And the third answer is for the stress relief of counting down as you watch the glitter settle.

“Sometimes you just need something to focus on, so you can let your wories and cares slide away.”

Let me tell you more

Worries and Anxieties

Glitter Potion

It's fun! It's shiney! It's crafty! Let your inner goblin brain have fun with these glitter bottles. Watch as the glitter swirls and slowly sinks in a color-changing glass jar. Remember your color theory as you mix liquid and glitter together and wonder why things keep turing brown. Oh wait, that's just me? Uh, Blue and yellow make green! Red and yellow make... orange? Red and blue make purple!

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Need something else to help you relax? Want to know what I listen to while making glitter bottles? Here's some music to listen to: Relaxing Music