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Making Glitter Potions for FUN!


Once you've figured out the base of how to make your glitter bottles, then you can experiment and have even more fun!

Glitter Potion

Let me tell you more

Adding Extra Ingredients


There are so many things you can add to your glitter bottles to give it more dynamics or texture. One of my favorite things to add is fake flowers. Clip them off as short as you can, and make sure the pettles are glued together, and boom! Super fun.

Glitter Potion


Another thing you can add is foil. The finer the foil the better. I like to use gilding foil for a nice, shiny addition. The finer pieces you add, the more they will swirl.

Glitter Potion

Mix and Match

This last bottle has a mix of glitter, flowers, leaves, and foil. It's fun to play with different ingredients and see how they look together.

Glitter Potion

Here's some music to listen to: Relaxing Music