About this website

This is the extra website I am turning in for my final other than my main site (the studio ghibli guide). In this site I wanted to try a vertical navigation bar instead of a horizontal one. I am also trying out different color schemes and different grid layouts.

About Us + Why Mintstaria?

Mintstaria is just the name I use to label my work under. It is basically just a combination of the words "mint" and "star" with an "ia" at the end. Mint and purple are two of my favorite colors and I really like looking at the stars and different constellations even though I don't know much about them.
My mom taught me to sew a few years ago, because I wanted to learn how to make felt dolls. So even though I wouldn't say I'm the best at sewing, I know the very very basics. I also took pictures of each of the plushies by myself, although I think much can be improved on them and I can learn a lot more about photography in the future.

BT21 Tata in space gif
Beagle loaf plush

Our Mascot, Neo the Beagle