Dobhar-chu Aka Otter King


General Information

Dobhar-chú is a giant carnivorous lake monster that lives in Ireland. The most consistent ancient description is of a great otter. Dobhar-chú's other names are Doyarchu, Dobarcu, Dhuragoo, Sea Dog, or Irish-Crocodile. Dobhar-chú have been reported for a long time, since ancient Ireland. They are said to be very aggressive to humans and dogs. They were said to attack in groups or pairs. First, one Dobhar-chú will attack. If it fails, then its companions will rush in to attack too. They will follow prey through water and onto land.

How We Pranked The Otter King

I woke up that morning like any other morning really, tired, grumpy, and slightly buzzed from the previous nights drinks. It was a saturday, the eighth of October, and me and my friends had made plans that would take us all weekend. Mind you, these weren’t your average everyday type plans that most people get up to on the weekends. We weren’t going fishing or camping, and no clubbing or concerts either for that matter. No, that particular Saturday, and the following day we would be trying to find Otters. Why otters you ask? Well to invite them to a family reunion. That's absurd you say? Well let me explain I would reply, we’re being paid in gold to do it by a Norse God. Not specifically to invite Otters to a reunion mind you, but to prank mythical creatures. The one we were after, was known as the Dobhar-Chu, the King of otters and also the first otter to ever exist. Imagine all of your extended family just showing up one day and knocking on your door, it would be quite the good hearted shock I think. Now, if you found this website then I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you’re probably familiar with the hard to believe, and other things otherwise known to be fairy tales. I would also hazard a guess that the person reading this might know which Norse God is paying us for pranks, but to remove any doubt it’s Loki, I mean of course it is right?

So, me and my friends set out, each going to different countries within both The United Kingdom, and several countries across Europe. Searching for Otters, and going to the bodies of water that typically had the most. We only had a couple days to do it, so we’d previously during the week prior found some nature websites to see where they like to congregate most. I set out to a river not far from my home, perhaps a couple hours drive, and with my canoe began to paddle down the slow moving waters. It didn’t take long, before I spotted a family of otters snacking on some berries by the river side and playing in the mud. I called out to them as loudly as I could muster, “Dobhar-Chu invites you to his home tomorrow for a family reunion! Bring Gifts and food!” When the name Dobhar-Chu was heard, the otters immediately all looked at me at a dead stop, and once I had finished my invitation they all seemed to understand it and hurriedly began to chitter and squeak amongst themselves.

Me and my friends repeated this process for hours and hours, telling different otters in different countries in different languages about the reunion. By the end of the day, the final count of otters we’d told was a few hundred in number. We had completed what we set out to do, and all of us returned home to the hostel we’d been living at. Now, we just had to wait. The next morning, we all turned on the local news channel, and to our surprise and luck the news anchor was covering a wild life phenomenon that in his words was peculiar beyond belief. Over a thousand otters could be seen by news cameras surrounding a large and well built dam in a river, they held bits of food, shiny rocks, and shells all above their heads chittering and shrieking in excitement. Atop the dam, stood on his hind legs was an otter with graying silvered fur, he was at least two heads taller than any otter there and the look of bewilderment on his face as Dobhar-Chu looked around his home was priceless.

It wasn’t long after that, we received a knock on the door from the postmen, and a heavy black wooden box was left on our doorstep. Inside was enough gold to pay our college debts, car loans, medical bills, and then some. This is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life, that cute old little otters face just trying to piece together what had happened. Anyway, that’s all for my adventures this week, and I’m sure some of the other members of the site would like a turn to share as well.