Chicago Rat Festival
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Chicago Rat Festival

Celebrating our 30th Year of being the worst city

Restaurants available

Everyone needs a good place to eat, right? Here at the rat Festival, we have plenty of options for anyone craving some of the most popular dishes from Chicago. This includes our bastardized version of pizza, the Deep Dish, and the famous Chicago Dog that fills the bun with peppers and onions. For those who don't want to spit in the face of the all seeing pizza lord, New York Style pizza will also be available.

Deal of the Month

No one out pizzas the rat

Biggie Cheese

New York Slice
Pizza Rats

Pizza rat gasped once he heard that we were only offering chicago style pizza at our festival. He just knew he had to do something. and he did something alright. He came down here and hes offering his freshly made pizza for only 50 cents a slice. With all that money saved, you can go buy a geniune flea at the merchandise stand.

Prices for our food.