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Exploring Beautiful Kilisut Harbor

Now offering kayak and paddleboard rentals!

Are you looking to paddle your own route?

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Olympic Kayak Tours is now pleased to provide sit-on-top recreational kayaks & stand up paddleboards for the general public and sea kayaks for folks with advanced skills and training.
Hear from some of our previous guests:

“Fantastic experience renting kayaks from OKT and exploring the waters off Fort Flagler. Our two tandem kayaks for 2 adults and 2 kids was super affordable. We saw countless birds, 2 or 3 otters and befriended a few harbor seals. They were surprisingly curious and playful.
Making memories for the kiddos! Sam did a great job getting us sorted and keeping us safe with the tides and currents. Thank you OKT!”

What's up with your crazy hours?

Our area (like most of the Salish Sea) is subject to strong tidal and tidal current variations. We are only open for rentals when it's safe and appropriate. Because of the fluctuations of the moonphase, every other week we can only be open for a short period each day, and every other week we can be open for longer shifts. We would like to have regular hours for rentals, but we prioritize safety and are only open for rentals when currents are 2 knots or less. If we have winds greater than 15 knots in our area (Kilisut Harbor), we will close and, if necessary, refund participants.

For guests who have the qualifications to rent our advanced sea kayaks, they are not subject to the location and time constraints because they have the necessary background to make these judgement calls for themselves.