Intro to Archery

Do's and Don'ts

Here are a few do's and don't to help keep you and others safe while practicing archery.

These are some specific things that have come up during my time coaching. Now I'm passing them on to you to help you on your archery journy.

Don't Dry Fire

Don't Dry Fire

Dry Firing is drawing back the string and releasing it without an arrow. This can damage the bow, and is one of the first mistakes I see people making.

Don't Use Crazy Poses

Don't shoot with crazy poses

Whiel imitating your favorate bow-weilding super hero or fantasy charachter can look cool, ultimately it can be dangerous and leade to a whole lot of lost arrows if you're trying to shoot while off balance, and with the string not properly drawn back. As seen in the picture above, the archer could easily fall over, and the string would smack thair arm.

Do Fire With Proper Stance

Do Fire Only With proper stance

Fireing with improper stance can cause your arrows to go every which way, and can cause you to injure yourself. Please use proper stance while shooting.

Do Pay Attention to your surroundings

Pay Attention to your surroundings

It's important to always be looking where you're shooting, and be awayre of what's around you. Make sure you're looking out for people or animals that might be walking near your target, or that might pass infront of you depending on where you're practicing.

Don't Pull Arrows Out By Their End

Dont pull arrows by their end

If you try and pull arrows out by their end, you can bend the shaft, and pull off the flechings.

Do Pull Arrows Out Close To The Target

Do pull arrows from close to the target

Put your hand on the target, and grip the arrow as close to teh tip as you can. Pull out gently, but firmly, without yanking.

There you have som basic Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind while doing archery. Happy Practicing!


Here's some handy info to help you get started in archery!

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