Honey Island Swamp Monster

Honey Island Swamp Monster

General Information

The Honey Island Swamp Monster is a humanoid cryptid that is reported to have been seen in and around Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana since 1963. It was first reported in 1963, when two hunters spotted this creature prowling the swamps. Its tracks indicate three-toed webbed feet. Standing over 7.5 feet tall and weighing between 400-500+ pounds, the Honey Island Swamp Monster — also known as the Louisiana Wookie — is said to be covered in a thick coat of matted gray or brown hair and swamp weed. Its yellow eyes are seemingly reptilian, and the smell it emits has been called the stench of death. This primitive creature has long been blamed for the deaths of livestock and the mysterious disappearances of children in adjacent areas. Popular lore in the region is that the Honey Island Swamp Monster might be the horrifying product of a union between a chimpanzee and an alligator. And in the darkly primordial swamplands that must look much the same now as they did thousands of years ago, the existence of almost any creature seems possible — no matter how ominous.

The prank

It is I Loki. I thought id tell this one. So I set up the racoon trap and had the team go and shoot it with liquid soap and basically give it a shower.