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Week Nine Class Work

Changes to the Site

Dear Professor, although you recommended I take a percentage approach, I made it work with the virtual window command and the site seems to be running as I intended. The font was made bigger and easily accessible regardless of opening the site on a desktop or mobile.

“Issues with the video have been fixed and I decided to keep a tiny bit of the style code in the HTML, I think this should be a functioning site meeting most if not all requirements so give it a good look around I hope you you enjoy and thank you for the term and guaidance. ”

Top THREE Favorite Games with my Review and Rating

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Spot Number One!
Black Desert Online
* * * * *

Coming in at spot number one is Black Desert Online. I've been playing this one since early 2015 still hands down theeeeeee best game out right now. I don't give it this rating lightly, it truly deserves a five out of five; it is an MMORPG where skill means a lot more than it should, allowing even new players to play along with grizzled vets. This game provides a rich community with great entertainment and many people willing to help out.

Spot Number Two
Final Fantasy XIV
* * *

FFXIV is a favorite of mine but lacks speed and action. I gave this one a three out of five although it's an amazing game with lots of beautiful sighs and fun adventures that can be shared and enjoyed with friends or strangers, this game provides the friendliest community I have ever played in.

Spot Number Three
* *

This game is great and all and definitely worthy of more than a two out of five, but that's my honest rating; it's an FPS game and the only one on the list. The community is very angry and immature, and although the gameplay is there and entertaining, it's a huge letdown when it's time to unwind, but the enemy and teammate alike are arguing in chat.