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There are CIS tutors during Fall, Winter, and Spring term in 12-222 (TEC-205) on the Bremerton campus, and CIS lab techs available in 12-215 (TEC-213) all four terms. The CIS tutor hours are listed on the Tutoring Services page.

There are Programming tutors on the Bremerton Campus and via Skype for CIS and CS programming courses during Fall, Winter, and Spring Term. Their location is noted in their calendar, shown below. Scroll down for the Weekly Calendar and the Tutoring Policies. To get programming tutoring via Skype see Remote Tutoring Directions.

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Tutor Rules and Expectations

The role of the tutors is to assist the student in general approaches to problem solving, internalizing core concepts, and understanding constructs of a particular language. Tutors may also review homework source code for minor syntax issues such as an extra semi-colon, or to gain an understanding of which general topics may require additional attention or review by the student so that they can be successful. Tutors are NOT allowed to directly help the student complete any homework assignment nor are students allowed to seek any other outside help beyond the spirit of these stated guidelines. The work must be the student's own. Tutors are required to report students that press them for help directly completing a homework exercise to the instructor for the class they are seeking help with. — Director of Tutoring, Naydene Hayes