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CIS Classes

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If you have any questions, please contact the responsible faculty listed for each class.

CIS 100 Computer Literacy for Online Learning (2cr)
CIS 101 Computer Literacy Assessment (1cr)
CIS 107 Intro Personal Computers (1cr)
CIS 110 Information Systems Concepts (5cr)
CIS 111 Introduction to Operating Systems (4cr)
CIS 112 Introduction to Windows (1cr)
CIS 114 Introduction to HTML (1cr)
CIS 115 Introduction to the Internet (3cr)
CIS 116 Intro to MS Visio (1cr)
CIS 141 Programming Concepts (5cr)
CIS 142 Java I Fundamentals of OOP (5cr)
CIS 143 Java II Fundamentals of OOP (5cr)
CIS 145 Introduction to C Language (6cr)
CIS 150 Survey of Computing (4cr)
CIS 154 Introduction to MS Access (4cr)
CIS 155 Web Development I (5cr)
CIS 156 Web Media (4cr)
CIS 160 User Interface Design (2cr)
CIS 170 IT User Support Fundamentals (4cr)
CIS 176 PC Technical Support Essentials (3cr)
CIS 182 Networking Concepts (5cr)
CIS 190 Information System Project Management (4cr)
CIS 200 Programming Laboratory (1cr)
CIS 201 Networking Laboratory (1cr)
CIS 202 Logic and Pattern Matching (5cr)
CIS 205 Introduction to XML (2cr)
CIS 206 Introduction to Android Development (4cr)
CIS 210 SQL (4cr)
CIS 212 Windows for Professionals (3cr)
CIS 213 Mac OS X for Professionals (3cr)
CIS 219 Introduction to ASP.NET (4cr)
CIS 225 Advanced C Language (5cr)
CIS 229 ASP.NET Extreme (4cr)
CIS 236 Information System Security I (4cr)
CIS 240 Microsoft LAN Administration I (5cr)
CIS 242 Microsoft LAN Administration II (5cr)
CIS 245 Microsoft LAN Administration III (4cr)
CIS 247 Certified Ethical Hacking (5cr)
CIS 249 Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (5cr)
CIS 255 Web Development II (5cr)
CIS 258 Web 2.0 (5cr)
CIS 261 Operating Systems/Unix (4cr)
CIS 262 UNIX Administration (4cr)
CIS 270 Cisco I (5cr)
CIS 271 Cisco II (6cr)
CIS 272 Cisco III (4cr)
CIS 273 Cisco IV (4cr)
CIS 274 CCNA Security (4cr)
CIS 276 PC Technical Support Practical Skills (3cr)
CIS 298 CIS Practicum (2cr)

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