Install SSH

How to download and install the SSH Windows Client

Important: These instructions are for home use only. Please do not download or install the SSH Windows Client on any lab computers.

Note: This software is for Trial, Academic or Non-Commercial use only
Please read The End User License Agreement for more information.

System Requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows 95B, 98, 98se,NT, 2000, and XP
Hard drive: 4mb of free space

  • Step 1: Download the setup file to a temporary directory from the following location
  • Step 2: Run the executable and click "Next" on the first prompt
  • Step 3: Read and agree to the License Agreement
  • Step 4: Choose the installation directory and click "Next"
    Default: C:\Program Files\SSH Communications Security\SSH Secure Shell
  • Step 5: Click "Next" to select the Setup Program Folder
  • Step 6: Click "Next" on the Select Components window.
    Note: Leaving the defaults in this window should be ok.
  • Step 7: Click "Next" on the installation summary window.
  • Step 8: The program will start copying files to the selected installation directory
  • Step 9: Click "Finish" to Complete the installation.