Welcome to the homepage of my very first fully functional website! If you're here, you're either Peter, a classmate or from RPN! If you're none of those things... well I think you might have dialed the wrong number.


This is a site I have created not only for my final project in my Web Development class but also to house and display all of the information on my favorite characters and any plot ideas I may have! Feel free to take a little browse around and contact me if anything catches your interest.

A few brief things about me before you take off to the About page! My name is Mika and I would say I'm a semi-lit writer which means I average between 400-800 words per post. I can write more if I'm excited. Most stories I come up with and am interested in writing involve lots of magic and adventure! I'm always down for a little romance as well.

The "Other" Page

The Other page doesn't really have any information pertaining to collaborative writing but it will contain things that inspire me personally whether that's movies, music or pieces of art.