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hello Crying In H Mart

Originally published: April 20, 2021

I was interested in this book because I saw it was by Michelle Zauner, the lead singer of Japanese Breakfast, one of my favorite bands lately. Little did I know I'd be crying 2 pages in. I finally got around to finishing this book. It wasn't that I haven't had time to read, it was that it was so sad I just avoided reading it for so long. In fact, this was the first book in a long time that made me cry. On a personal level, I can relate with Michelle's story because I grew up with an Asian mother who was overbearing yet passionate and all-consuming.

I owe the author a huge debt of gratitude for her honest and truthful storytelling. Her willingness to be so open about herself, her family, and eventually the death of her mother and the pain that followed is a comforting story that invites readers to appreciate the intricacies that exist in all relationships. Seriously, I did not expect a book to affect me THIS BAD. I was in tears during the first chapter, and I was in tears during the acknowledgements.