My Day at Thunderhill Raceway

So You Bought A Crotch Rocket!

The real question is why? Most motorcyclist that buy a super sport motorcycle do so to go real fast. These stock motorcycles can run at speeds of up to 190 miles per hour, and I don't think you bought it to get to work early. This need for speed fix comes at a high risk of severe injury or even death. Nevermind that you are breaking numerous traffic laws, all it takes is an obstacle or wondering wildlife on the road in order for you to meet your maker or simply leave your family prematurely. As a former motorcycle safety instructor and owner of a Yamaha YZFR1, please consider "Track Days" at your local track to satisfy your need for speed. This website is dedicated to urging sport bike owners to live longer at the track, and not have a memorial on the side of your local freeway or country road.

Why Track Days?

2005 Yamaha YZF-R1

The R1

Chad Skillman

Why you ask? First of all, most tracks are very forgiving to mistakes a rider can make. If you run wide in a turn, there are no trees or guard rails in the run off section. If you do lay down the bike, there is plenty of room to come to a stop prior to hitting anything or running into padded barriers. If you are injured, there are onsight medical staff to respond immediately. The flow of the race traffic is constantly monitored with out speed limits imposed. It is up to the rider to run within their limits. Typically the riders are grouped according to experience and bike capabilities.

Getting Started

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