Ashby Andrus
Resume / CV

My mission: to provide and actively promote the highest caliber in digital forensics

My background: strong computer hardware and software in data and disk extraction. My fortes: steganalysis, password cracking, software and hardware forensics.

AAT CyberSecurity
Olympic College 2022
Network & Security Applications
CISCO Systems I-V

Microsoft LAN Admin I-iii

Microsoft Windows Server 2016/19

Active Directory / Domain & site security and administration


Ethical Hacking

Digital Forensics: Autopsy, OsForsensics, Maltego

Burp Suite, Metasploit, Meterpreter

Virtualization (VM)

VM Ware Workstation 15

Windows HyperVisor

Virtual Box 6.1


Linus Distros: Kali, Ubuntu, Black Arch, TAILS, TOR

OS: Catalina, Big Sur (Mac OS)

Windows 10, Vista, 7, Server 2016/19