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I believe this assignment also wanted us to change the original exercise to something else, so I changed a few of the titles and photos to music halls that I like the look of. But, the original text in the file was:

San Joaquin Valley Town Hall is a non-profit organization that is run by an all-volunteer board of directors. Our mission is to bring nationally and internationally renowned, thought-provoking speakers who inform, educate, and entertain our audience! As one or our members told us:

"Each year I give a ticket package to each of our family members. I think of it as the gift of knowledge...and that is priceless."

Our Ticket Packages

This Season's Guest Speakers


Speaker's "Under Construction" page: Amy Chua
 Lady speaker


Speaker's "Under Construction" page: David Brancaccio
Male speaker


Speaker's "Under Construction" page: Andrew Ross Sorkin
Male speaker