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Celebrating over 30 years

The plan? Simple!

We are holding an auction to celebrate the 30 years we have been serving our community. We have taken donations from the community along with other organizations so that theres plenty of things to bid on, ranging from old technology you cant find anymore, such as a Mac IIfx to more modern things luxuries like an Alexa. After the auction, tickets for a TED talk about some of the most common fonts and their creators will be sold by the main enterance.

“Each year, when my kids are bad, I will have them attend this TED talk to learn exclusively about Comics sans. They quickly learn their lesson.. It's priceless.”

Our Ticket Prices

The creators and their wonderful work

Comic sans

Vincent Connare

Vincent Connare Photo

Max Miedinger

Max Miedinger Photo

Times New Roman
Stanley Morison

Standley Morison Photo