PLeasant Beach, Bainbridge

Bainbridge Island Tours

Celebrating our beautiful island!

Come join us!

Come take a ferry ride from seattle over to our small Island! The island is always busy on the weekend. You can expect to find fruitful farmers markets, wonderful resturants, and bakeries whose baked goods fill the street with that wonderful scent.

“ The Farmers Market on the Island always gives fresh products to the customers. They are always local products made by people on the Island, and it's just amazing to see what your community can make.”

Must see sights!

Our little island

The Pavillion

The pavillion
Movies and more!

The pavillion offers the newest movies that have came out at affordable pricing. From marvel to disney, The Pavillion will always be open to Movie Goers who want to enjoy a large bucket of popcorn with their movie.

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