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Sage is an early-career ecologist completing graduate studies out of the University of Alberta in Edmonton. As part of the Edmonton Urban Coyote Project, Sage studies urban-adapted coyotes and ways to reduce conflict between humans and wildlife. Her work revolves around understanding animal ecology and behaviour, and using the findings to develop ecologically-informed coexistence strategies. Since 2017, Sage has worked as a bear-viewing guide in southeastern British Columbia, where she has developed a deep understanding of bear behaviour, communication, and safety. She also has a background as a wildlife technician and has worked with various species, including mosquitoes, ground squirrels, frogs, toads, bats, moose, bears, and many others.  One of Sage's biggest interests is the ancient and deeply human art and science of wildlife tracking (i.e., reading and interpreting the stories animals leave behind on the landscape). She brings her love for tracking into many pursuits, using it as a method for scientific study and as an educational topic when guiding. 

You can drop me a line at sage.raymond099 (at)