Create an interactive pizza ordering page using a client/server event with POST for 18pts as S25-U08B-3694.php as U08B Your pizza ordering Web page should have 3 sizes and 4 topping options. Once submitted by using POST, the data will be sent to the server for processing and return a order with total. Use CSS to create a pleasing presentation. See the rubric link below for grading criteria. Include CID-U08B-XXXX.htm form file in the ReWind, at the server, also include the CID-U08C-XXXX.php processing file and a CID-U08B-XXXX.txt file of the .php for viewing the PHP code. I will not be able to view you code if I do not have access to the text file! S25-U08B-3694 body { margin: 4%; }

Pizza Order for $name (POST)

Size: $size

Toppings: ; // Print topping if checked if($pepp) { print "pepperoni "; } if($mush) { print "mushrooms "; } if($gppr) { print "grn-pepper "; } print

; ?>